Combine your love for vibrant prints and a sporty style with this cool Light Blue Drawstring Bag. It’s a must-have gym essential that can be worn as a backpack with drawstring closure at top, and narrow, contrasting shoulder straps. Moreover it is your perfect companion for any gym activity. Just grab your workout gear and head to the gym.

Ideal for any gym use, as well as for bikers, hikers and travelers these drawstring backpacks with large reflector stripes help increase visibility of the wearer on the go. Made with a strong polyester blend, they’re available in different colors with the classic unique Fit Girls Inspire Be Brave Three Arrows logo. The drawstring closure ropes double as shoulder straps.

Not a gym fan? Whether you’re going on a picnic or just carrying your lunch with you, your drawstring bag can keep your meal within easy reach so you don’t have to fish through your backpack looking for that apple you knew you packed.

Let’s have a look to the bag specs:

  • Bag size 15”x17”
  • Maximum weight limit – 33lbs (15kg)
  • Twin cotton handles
  • One large main compartment
  • Drawstring closure
  • 100% spun polyester fabric

This Light Blue Drawstring Bag is also a perfect gift idea, and available in different colors.

Find out our great collection of Fit Girls Inspire apparel items, so you may discover new way to inspire.

Show your love, be inspiring.

Weight0.122 kg


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